Screw Down Hole Punch, 2 sizes of holes, 3.2mm and 4mm up to 16 gauge metals tol0929

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This jewelry punching device features 2 replaceable tempered steel punch pins. You can quickly and easily punch 3.2mm (1/8") and 4mm (5/32") holes into soft metals up to 16ga, simply by twisting the handle.

Carbon steel with durable, heat-treated pins
Deeper extended 3/4" reach
Create two hole sizes! 1.5mm punch is ideal for riveting and cold connections
Punch metal sheet stock up to 16 gauge
Pins are laser etched for lifetime identification

So easy to use!

1. Put a mark on the metal piece to indicate the desired hole location.
2. Select a hole size and align the mark under the appropriate size pin.
3. Rotate the pin handle clockwise until metal is completely pierced.
4. Turn the pin handle counter-clockwise to release and remove your piece.

Great for copper, silver, brass, aluminum, pewter, gold, gold-filled, silver-filled, sterling silver, alkeme', leather

(Not for punching holes in stainless steel)

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