We love using our pretty-shinies just as much as you do! If you're looking for a new idea, scroll through our gallery to see what we've created. Happy designing!
Silver bracelet with an abalone and white mother of pearl coin bead in the middle
This is an abalone + mother of pearl bead, matched with a simple connector bracelet! Perfect way to let stand-out beads shine.
I love this mixed necklace! I used two strands of 8mm beads in similar colors - this would also go well with contrasting colors, or more complementary tones as well. The two strands are simply threaded through each other before being crimped!
I actually found the inspiration for this one in a bridal magazine! Connect 3 strand-out stones, then add your two strands one size apart. I used 6mm and 8mm in the photo, but 8mm + 10mm or 10+12mm would work just as well!
This one incorporates more of a southern style, which we see a lot around here! Turquoise colored howlite makes for a lovely organic accent.
I got the inspiration for this one after fixing a customer's broken necklace! I loved the different size beads that help accentuate the 2-holed Czech glass beads in the middle. The hematite accents bring out more of the blue/green color as well!