2 METALLIC SILVER Druzy Beads, Natural Quartz, Cross Section of Stalactite, 10mm, gdz0231

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These are brand new on the market and STUNNING!
Natural druzy quartz from a gorgeous crystal stalactite have been thickly sliced into cross sections. Then a hole is drilled through the side so you can use them as beads.

Size: varies, about 10mm diameter, 8mm hole-to-hole
Hole: 1mm
Thickness: varies, about 8mm

Quantity: 2 beads

Each stone is unique. We will do our best to send a pair that is relatively matched. Please note that due to the natural state of these beads, no two beads will be identical.

Design tip: I recommend knotting your beading thread on either side of these beads. If your exterior crystals (around the edges) knock against other beads, they are likely to break off.

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