Beach Glass
Summer may be coming to a close, but you can still hold on to those salty days by the sea! This week’s theme is all about beach glass. “Worn by waves, recycled by the sea, sea glass is a product of both nature and man. Bottles, jars and glass carelessly discarded are tumbled by the ocean to form these colorful gems of the shore. (ByTheSeaJewelry). Keep reading to learn more!

beach glass smart parts crafts

Sea glass, beach glass, tumbled glass…what’s the difference? “These pieces of glass might have once been part of a glass jar or bottle that was broken along the beach or dumped in an offshore trash disposal site. Wave or current action then picked up the glass and tumbled it along the bottom - with sand on the bottom serving as a natural abrasive. Over time that tumbling action rounded the pieces of glass, smoothed their surfaces and gave them a frosted finish.” Check out this article by RockTumbler to continue learning the ins and outs of these beautiful glasses!

Who doesn’t want to bring the beach back home? Shop our beach theme charm collection and make a bracelet that has the texture and movement of the beach and the personal touch of real sea shells.

If you’re planning a trip to the beach and are hoping to collect some sea glass of your own, you’ll definitely want to check out this list! Here are the best sea glass beaches in the United States.

Are you ready to take this creativity challenge? Simply order our beach glass kit, create your own masterpiece, and share the end result with us using the hashtag #SmartPartsCrafts!

This annual festival is the ultimate gathering for sea glass fanatics. “If you've never seen sea glass, or if you're seeking authentication of your finds, head to the association's Sea Glass Festival -- held in a different city each year. NASGA will make sure that you leave armed with valuable knowledge about these sparkling pretties plucked from the sand.”

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