All About Leather

This week at Smart Parts Crafts we’re focusing on leather, which is one of our favorite materials to work with! There are so many ways to transform a simple strip of leather into your favorite accessory, and we’ve compiled a week’s worth of content to teach you the ins and outs of leather. Check it out! 

This article by Best Leather is the ultimate beginner’s guide to leather. From identifying the different types of leather to recognizing fake leather - this article’s got you covered!
In order to create high-quality jewelry and accessories using leather, you have to take care of your materials. This informative article by ManMade includes various tips for cleaning and caring for your leather! “Treat them poorly and they’ll fall apart, but if you’re sure to take care of them and give them a quick clean up about every 6 months, not only will they age beautifully, they’ll also last you a life time.”
Who doesn’t love a good DIY craft? “From Home décor, accessorizing to organizing, leather can be used in a million possible ways. So, without further ado, here are ideas for some insanely creative, Leather craft projects you probably never thought of.” Check out this fantastic article by UpSmash.
This story is sure to tug at your heart strings; Army Veteran Richard Glasco discovered a hidden talent for crafting during recovery from surgery 35 years ago. He is especially skilled with leather crafts “and is particularly known for the moccasins he makes for other Veteran patients who are unable to make their own. He painstakingly hand-stitches quality leather goods like purses, wallets, cell phone cases and moccasins.” Talk about putting your love for leather to good use!
This quick video by J and J Hardware includes a step by step tutorial on how to set a rivet into a piece of leather. It includes the selection of the proper rivet, along with the proper size punch and the application of the actual rivet. Watch to learn more!
This downloadable PDF will teach you how to create your very own DIY Leather Cuff!