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Super easy to use and versatile for many different crafts!
It's intended for burning your designs into wood and other materials.

Temp gauge has 4 zones, depending on desired temperature. For example, leather, soft plastic, wax, synthetic fabrics take the lowest 'zone' temp. Ceramics, foam core board, paper, soldering take the highest 'zone' temp. Wood uses the 3 highest 'zones' depending on the variety of wood.

The Creative Woodburner Versa-Tool heats in 4-5 minutes.


--Burning Tool Featuring 4 Heat Zones
--Cone Point ~ use to burn fine lines, dots, and curves.
--Shading Point ~ creates smooth, even shading in subtle gradiations or dark, bold shading.
--Universal Point ~ performs all fundamental wood burning techniques.
--Flow Point ~ use to burn curves, dots, and fine details. Works well for cursive writing and dot shading techniques.
--Tapered Point ~ cuts intricate designs with ease in multiple surfaces
--Calligraphy Point ~ creates basic calligraphy style lettering
--Transfer Point ~ transfers color and black/white laser copy images onto a variety of surfaces
--HotKnife Point ~ cuts and shapes a variety of materials
--Soldering Point ~ use with lead-free solder to join metal
--Lead-Free Solder ~ 91.4cm/36in solder contains 99.25% tin, 0.75% copper with rosin core. No additional flux required
--Hot Stamping Points ~ use to create interesting patterns and borders on multiple surfaces
--Tool Stand
--Storage Case


Cutting/Burning Cork
Hot Knife Cutting
Image Transferring
Stencil Cutting
Paper Crafting
Hot Stamping
Fabric Embossing
Iron On Embellishments
Hard Plastic
Foam Core Board
Leather Burning

How to Use:
Use tape to secure the stand to your work table. Place the tool on the stand. Plug the tool into an outlet, turn the switch on, and let it heat for 4-5 minutes. Turn the switch off and allow to cool before changing the points with pliers. All the points are threaded and designed to be screwed into the end of the tool. Points should not be changed when the tool is hot!
Always use pliers to change the points.
Practice with tool on a test piece of wood before attempting to wood burn your finished piece. This will allow you to test the tool's burning speed and how it reacts to your particular piece of wood.

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