Titanium Coated Quartz Gemstone Spike Stick Beads, PURPLE, BLUE and GOLD points, full strand, 1-1/8" to 2-3/4" long, gqz0051b

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These awesome white quartz stick beads look like moon rock! Titanium coating over the natural quartz gemstones gives them a rainbow metallic look. The color scheme is purple, blue and gold with a nice 'fade' of each color on the stones.

You can use just a single stone and wire wrap it for a minimalist but edgy look. Or group 3 or 5 together for a statement necklace.

Top drilled (side to side across the top).

The front of the bead is cratered and textured as shown. The back and sides are smooth and polished. The titanium coating covers all sides of the beads.

Length: varies from 1-3/8" to 2-1/2" long
Width: 7mm to 12mm
Hole: about 2.5mm

Quantity: full strand, about 42-43 beads

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