Thumb Safe Metal Stamp Holder, design stamp positioner, fits round stamps up to 8mm diameter, square stamps up to 7mm tol0372

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Do you have that pesky unfortunate habit of whacking your thumb when you are metal stamping? We've all done it, and it's no fun.
We are here to salvage your precious appendages!

For less than the price of redoing your manicure, you can own this well-designed device.

Great way to keep your fingers safe, both for the beginner and the experienced.

It's simple ... insert your stamp in the round hole and tighten by turning the knurled handle. It really is just that easy!
Lining up your stamp is easier because your hand will be out of the way, not obscuring your view of the stamping surface.

And it has a bonus key ring attached so you can attach a pretty beaded fob to it or hang it from a peg board for handy storage.

Block is 5-1/4" (135mm)

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