Size 8/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Beads, White, 20+ Grams, Color DBL-0200, bsd0027

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Color: White
Quantity: Approx 20.4 grams, ~612 beads (3 tubes of 6.8g each)
Size: 8/0, 3mm diameter
Hole: 1.5mm
Material: Glass

Country of Origin: Japan

Please Note: We make every attempt to represent an item's true color, but colors may vary on different monitors and devices or in different lighting situations.

For your interest:

Japanese seed beads are famous for their uniform size and color, and are an excellent choice for loom work and off-loom bead weaving.

The hole in a MIYUKI DELICA bead is larger than the hole in beads from other lesser-quality manufacturers.  This means you can make more passes through the beads to better secure your design.  Also, with a larger hole each bead is lighter, and that means more beads per gram!

DELICAS are short cylinder-shaped beads that play nicely with each other. The ends are flat so they align in your projects, much easier than round seed beads.

The size of seed beads refers to how many beads can fit into a standard unit.  Example:  11/0 ("eleven-aught") means there are 20 beads per inch.  15/0 ("fifteen-aught") seed beads fit 25 to an inch.  8/0 fits 13 beads to an inch, and so on.

Size:  8/0 ... Approx 30 beads per gram
Size:  10/0 ... Approx 108 beads per gram
Size:  11/0 ... Approx 200 beads per gram
Size:  15/0 ... Approx 350 beads per gram

Transparent ~ the glass is see-through
Translucent ~ one can see light through the bead, although the light is diffused
Opaque ~ the solid color prevents light from passing through the bead
Matte ~ the bead is textured on a microscopic level to result in a matte finish
Silver-lined ~ a silvery coating which reflects light is applied to the inside of the seed bead
Luster ~ a transparent "pearl" effect is applied to the surface of the seed bead
AB or aurora borealis ~ a rainbow effect is applied to the surface of the seed bead
Metallic ~ a metallic coating is applied, then re-heated to 'set' the color

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