Sealing Wax Stick for Wax Seals, Paraffin Wax, METALLIC COPPER, Premium Sealing Wax, about 12 grams per stick, wax0010

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Top quality sealing wax for melting and stamping wax seal impressions.

Quantity: 1 full premium stick, about 12 grams per stick
Size: 4" long x 1/2" wide x 3/8" thick

These can be used with any stamps. Try using your metal or leather stamps for some variety.

Easy to use:

~Light the wick
~Let the wax soften and melt a little
~Drip the melted wax directly onto surface (be careful not to burn yourself)
~Blow out the flame and safely set the stick aside
~While the wax is still soft, press a wax seal stamp into the wax
~Let it cool

Tips and tricks:

~You can make the seals on top of wax paper or other smooth, glossy surface. When they are cool, you can peel them off and relocate them to a scrapbook, jewelry bezel, or other project.
~You will need only a few drops of wax per stamping, so you can get quite a few pieces out of one stick.
~Melted wax is HOT, so take appropriate precautions to protect yourself.

Design ideas:

~Try adding a wax seal stamping to a pendant or charm bezel and add ICE resin for a 'floating' effect.
~Seal wedding invitations for an old-world look.
~Use for scrapbook titles.
~Use in mixed media collage projects -- nice vintage effect.

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