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Our Premium Airtight Watercolour Palette features 16 deep colour wells and three large mixing areas that make colour mixing easy. The layout gives you plenty of room to work so that you can use a range of colours and create your own unique tints, shades and tones. To keep your paints fresh, this watercolour palette also has an airtight seal that allows you to save your mixed colours for your next painting session. Experiment with colour and create beautiful watercolour paintings with this practical and easy-to-use palette.

Keeps paint fresh: the airtight seal helps you save colours for your next painting session.
Three mixing areas: this watercolour palette has two large mixing areas on the base and one in the lid.
16 deep colour wells for controlled mixing: create and use a range of colours using the deep wells.
Neat and tidy: keep your colours tidy and organised.
Suitable for artists of all skill levels.

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