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Set of 8 of your most-used mini tools for your jewelry bench!

Round Nose pliers
Side Cutters
Chain Nose pliers
Flat Nose pliers
Nylon Jaw pliers
Knotting Tweezer
Thread Cutter
ScoopEEZ scoop
PLUS a compact carry case

~Lapjoint construction

~Polished steel heads

~Cushion grips

The jaws of the chain nose pliers are both semi-circular and meet along the flat edge. The width is largest near the pivot and tapers to a point at the tip.
They are typically used to create angled bends in wire, close bead tips, open/close jump rings, and form loops.

These feature jaws that are angled and pointed so that they are nearly parallel to the handles, which makes the cut to the side of the cutter.
These standard wire cutters are suitable for TigerTail, headpins, eye pins, and soft wire. They are NOT suitable for cutting memory wire, flex wire, or steel wire.

Like chain nose pliers, the jaw width is largest near the pivot and tapers to a point at the tip, but they differ in that both jaws are circular.
These essential pliers have a variety of uses, such as creating loops, eye pins, clasps and jump rings, coils and curved bends.

Spring action handle reduces hand fatigue.
Small enough to fit easily in your beading bag for jewelry-making on the go.

Sturdy enough for everyday bench work.

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