MICRO ENGRAVER, Engraving Pen, Jewelry Engraving Tool, Free Hand Engraving Tool, Diamond Tip Bit Engraver, tol0588

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This battery powered, easy-to-use tool is ideal for engraving metal, glass, wood, ceramics, and more!

Comfortable contoured grip allows for greater control.
Compact pen-like design.

Includes two (2) round diamond-tip bits and an allen key.

Battery operated (2 AAA, not included)

Hold the engraver as you would hold a pencil, with either your thumb or forefinger over the button. The button is very sensitive, so only a light touch is required to activate it.

Touch the bit to the item to be engraved. (Tip ... practice on inexpensive material to get a feel for it before attempting to engrave finished jewelry items.)

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