KEY LOCK Metal Design Stamp, 6mm BeadSmith Metal Stamping, Bead Smith Metal Stamps, tol0481

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Top quality design stamp!

Professional quality, nicely aligned images, and hardened steel make for crisp and easy stamping!

BeadSmith metal stamps are the go-to brand for serious metal stampers:

~ The images are tall and sharp for a clean impression every time.
~ The shaft is square ... nice for an easy, non-slip grip
~ The metal is hardened for long life with proper use
~ The shaft is engraved on the "thumb side" so you always know which way is up
~ Suitable for soft metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel silver, sterling silver, gold filled, brass; also PMC, leather, and wood
~ Oil-free coating to protect against rust

Please note: These are NOT rated for use on stainless steel. Using them on very hard metals could flatten the image and ruin your stamps.

Storage: cool, dry place

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