ImpressArt Metal Alphabet Letter Stamping Set, 3mm PREMIUM LOWERCASE NEWSPRINT Font for stainless steel, Lifetime Guarantee tol0162

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33 stamps included with this set:

Letters a-z

Professional quality, nicely aligned letters, and hardened steel make for crisp and easy stamping!

Lifetime Guaranteed!

ImpressArt Premium Metal Stamps are manufactured specially for stamping STAINLESS STEEL and other hard metals. Should any stamp become flat or dull the stamp will be replaced under ImpressArt's lifetime guarantee.

ImpressArt's Newsprint metal letter stamps are old-fashioned and modern all at once. This classic, vintage style set- designed for easy readability- will ensure your stamped metal jewelry and crafts are read loud and clear, and that your works are nothing short of newsworthy.

Size: 3mm (will stamp letters approximately 3mm tall)
~ Will stamp soft and hard metals such as stainless steel without dulling
~ Each stamp labeled on side for easy identification and orientation
~ Available in uppercase, lowercase, and numbers
~ ImpressArt Lifetime Guarantee: If a stamp becomes flat or dull from non-industrial use, ImpressArt will replace it. Proof of purchase is required. Warranty is not transferable.

ImpressArt is a great brand for a lot of reasons.

~ The images are tall and sharp for a clean impression every time.
~ Handy labeled storage box for each set, with the font printed on the outside
~ The shaft is square ... nice for an easy, non-slip grip
~ The metal is hardened for long life with proper use
~ Suitable for soft metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel silver, sterling silver, gold filled, brass; also PMC and wood
~ Oil-free coating to protect against rust

Storage: cool, dry place

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