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Ice Resin 8 oz Doming Kit (4 oz Part A Resin and 4 oz Part B Hardener). Best quality resin for jewelry bezels, table tops, any craft project where you need crystal clear resin with low VOC, low odor, and virtually NO BUBBLES!

The resin stays clear pretty much indefinitely. Especially designed not to yellow or become brittle over time.

Kit includes:
4 oz bottle of Part A Resin
4 oz bottle of Part B Hardener
2 plastic bottle dispenser tops (screw onto resin bottles)
Wood stir sticks
Plastic mixing cups
Instruction sheet

This resin kit is so easy to use!

1. Mix equal parts of Part A Resin and Part B Hardener
2. Stir well for 2 minutes
3. Mix in any color, paint or material (oil-based paints, mica powders, glitter, glass micro beads, etc.)
4. Pour into bezel (or any other craft project)
5. Use within 45 minutes
6. Let dry naturally in a warm, dust-free room. Dry to the touch in about 6 hours; fully cured in 3 days.

Tips for successful resin application:

~Work in a warm room
~Use a task lamp/light over your drying projects to bring up any bubbles. They will pop by themselves and leave a crystal clear resin dome.
~You may apply the resin with a paintbrush, squeeze bottle, sponge, or syringe, depending on your project
~If you want a magnifying effect (dome), apply the resin and allow to fully dry. Then apply a 2nd layer of resin on top, forming a dome and preventing spillover.

Designed by Susan Lenart Kazmer (one of the coolest jewelry designers in the business!)

Heed all reasonable precautions with use of this product. Follow all instructions on the packaging.

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