Hole Punch Pliers 1.5mm ROUND hole, punches up to 22 gauge soft metals, extra long jaws, replacement pin included, tol0459

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This jewelry punching plier features a replaceable tempered steel punch pin (bonus replacement pin included). You can quickly and easily punch 1.5mm holes into soft metals up to 22ga.

They create a smooth, clean hole without barbs or rough edges. Plus, with the gauge guard, the area around the hole will be free of unsightly indentations!

The pliers have comfortable handles and have an overall length of 6".

Size: 1.5mm hole

Great for copper, silver, soft brass, aluminum.

The extra-long jaws of these pliers allow you to punch a hole as much as 20mm from the edge of the metal.

Comes with a replacement steel pin.

Instructions for using the gauge guard:

Hold the pliers shut. When properly adjusted, there should be enough space to insert your metal piece between the widest part of the pin and the bottom jaw of the pliers with a little extra room left over. If the metal doesn't fit or if there's no extra space, simply expand the jaw opening a little farther by turning the gauge guard screw to the RIGHT with a small phillips head screwdriver to adjust.

(Instructions are on the packaging)

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