EuroTool Texturing Hammer with 9 Interchangeable Faces, tol0323

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You are going to fall in love with this versatile all-in-one metal texturing hammer! This is a MUST for all serious metal workers and jewelry stampers.

9 separate faces are interchangeable in one hammer.

Solid hickory handle and steel metal head with threaded collars on each end for easy and secure insertion of whichever texturing face you want to use. You can change faces in just seconds!

Why buy 9 separate texture hammers when you can have it all on just this one?!

Each tip is about 3/4" diameter.

With 2 tips in place, the hammer weighs about 8 oz.
Weight to ship is 11 ounces.

Length: 9.5"

Tips included with the handle and head:

wide stripes
narrow stripes
square dimple
round dimple
pinpoint round dimple
reverse dimple (leaves a raised dimple on your metal piece)

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