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Diamond Dotz® Diamond Facet Art Kit
Rhinestone Painting

All-Inclusive Diamond Facet Art Kit Variety Pack

2x Sparkle Stickers, 2x Bracelets, & 2x Pictures
14 Diamond Dotz Colors pre-sorted by shade
2x Diamond Dotz Stylus, Craft Tray & Wax Caddy
Complete Instructions

These kits are awesome! Similar to a cross stitch pattern, the image is pre-printed on a high-quality polyester fabric. The image is also pre-printed with a strong adhesive over each square, so the 'diamonds' will easily stick to the fabric with virtually no effort. And the adhesive is super strong!

The area to be worked on has a printed 'code' on each square that corresponds to the key/legend (similar to a counted cross stitch chart). Each colored resin rhinestone corresponds to a color on the chart.

Take the stylus and dip into the wax. Use the wax tip to pick up your diamonds (facet side up), and place on the corresponding square on the picture. The adhesive surface makes it super easy to place and stick the diamond down. No gluing necessary!

Each image has a clear plastic cellophane sheet on top so you can leave your project and come back to finish it later. Just peel back the clear plastic sheet to work on one area; then lay the plastic sheet back down over the rest of the adhesive.

This project can be a very meditative, 'zen' experience -- you will find it highly addictive!

You will get way more facet rhinestones than you need; no need to order extras.

Level: Beginner (over 11,000 dotz)

Design tips and tricks:

~ As long as you keep the clear protective sheet on top of the design, you can roll up your partially-completed project for storage.
~ When you open your packs of rhinestones, label the zipper bags with the code for easy reference later.
~ It takes about 1 hour to decorate an area the size of your hand.

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