Cuff Bracelet Bending Bar Mandrel for making cuff bracelets from blanks up to 1" wide, tol0327

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The perfect solution for making just the right curves for cuff bracelets for your jewelry metal stamping projects!

This sturdy steel bar is easy to use.

1. Stamp your message or design on your flat metal strip.

2. Holding the cuff bending bar horizontally, place one end of your cuff bracelet blank in the lip on top of the bar. Hold the blank in place firmly with your thumb.

3. Gently curve your blank over the curve until one half of the blank is pointing straight downward.

4. Switch the blank to the other side and bend the straight side into a curve.

5. You can tweak the curve to fit your wrist.

6. Work-harden your cuff in a tumbler, and it will have a near-permanent shape.

Bar is 7-1/4" long and 1/8" thick.

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