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Tired of using chain nose pliers to flatten your crimp tubes into a sharp-edged square that may or may not hold your creation together? This is the perfect solution!

For use on 2mm - 5mm crimp tubes (not intended for thin crimp beads, but works well on thicker crimp beads and crimp tubes)

This easy-to-use tool helps you take your jewelry making to a new level! For a finished, professional look, use this ingenious tool to make a nice and neat bead (no need for crimp covers).

To Use:
You will see two sets of grooves in the pliers. Use the inner groove to gently squeeze the crimp tube into a 'C' or crescent moon shape. Then use the outer groove to form the crescent moon into a tidy round bead that holds your beading wire securely.

Tool is 5 inches long with ridged handles for an easy grip.

Spring activated design makes it easy to use and gentle on the hand joints. This doesn't take a great deal of hand strength to use properly.

It's fast ... it's easy ... you will love the results!

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