2m RED Tassel Fringe, 1-1/8" wide (30mm), Faux Suede, Velvet Suede Fringe, Vegan Leather Suede, 2mm thick, 2 meters long, cft0080

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Beautiful faux suede for making your own tassels or for adding to pillows and other items as fringe.

To make your own tassel:

1. Apply a thin line of leather glue or GemTac along the top edge of the strip (only a couple inches at a time).
2. Start at one end of the strip and tightly roll it up like a burrito until you get the thickness/diameter you want.
3. Cut the strip and glue the end down. You can further reinforce the tassel by sewing through the top edge with a needle and thread.
4. Glue the tassel into a bail and let the glue cure completely.
5. Voila! Now you have a custom-made tassel charm in the size you want!

Length: 2 meters
Width: 1-1/8"
Thickness: 2mm
Color: red
Fringe strips: 2mm wide (already cut for you)
Header width: 4-5mm

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