2 Large Natural Blue KYANITE Gemstone Beads Teardrop Briolettes . top drilled . 30mm x 15mm gky0003

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From our new LUXE GEMS line ...

These stunning natural kyanite gemstones are a beautiful denim blue color, and they are full of natural sparkle inclusions that give high-end kyanite it's characteristic chatoyance.

Drilled: side-to-side across the top (perfect for wire wrapping)

Mohs Hardness: 4.5-7.0
Size: 30mm long, 15mm wide, 4mm thick
semi-translucent - you can see some light but not totally

Quantity: 2 matching gemstone beads (with more available)

Kyanite is a relatively soft stone, so please use care when incorporating these into your designs. Don't use much torque when inserting beading wire, and store them in a soft pouch or plastic baggie, away from harder stones.

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