2 Aluminum Cuff Bracelet Stamping Blanks, 1-1/2" (50mm) wide 6" long msb0032

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long, 20 gauge msb0032",20 gauge solid aluminum

Size: 6" long x 1.5 wide

Quantity: 2

Design idea:

~Stamp words or designs on the flat metal bracelet blank.
~Blacken the letters to make them more visible.
~Form the cuff with bracelet bending pliers (available in our shop)
~Throw your piece in the tumbler with stainless steel shot to buff out any rough edges and give it a beautiful polish. This also work-hardens the piece to minimize bending it out of shape.
Punched from 24 gauge sheet metal

Flat blanks. They can be hammered, textured, inked, stamped, pierced ~ so many options!

Made in USA

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