12mm NATURAL LARIMAR Rondelle Beads, Hand Cut Faceted, x6 beads, gem0622

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Natural Larimar (also known as blue pectolite)

Color: shades of celestial blue, green, white

Mohs Hardness: 4.5 - 5.0

Size: 12mm-13mm diameter; 5mm-6mm wide

Shape: rondelle

Drilled: center

Faceted: yes

Hole size: 1.5mm

Other: mottled blue color; the blue color is somewhat photosensitive and will eventually fade if exposed to excessive and prolonged sunlight and heat. There is a slight irregularity between the beads along the strand. You will see sizes of 8-8.5mm, and a few of the beads have a slightly irregular "off round" shape due to the nature of the natural larimar stones. This does not detract from the gorgeous natural stones!

Quantity: 6 beads

**DID YOU KNOW ... Larimar is the only stone in the world of this color! The ONLY place it has been found is in the Barahona region of the Dominican Republic, on one mountainside, surrounded by rainforest and ocean.**

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