125 yards FIRELINE Smoke Black Bead Weaving Thread, BEADSMITH Clear Bead Sewing Thread, .006 in, 6 lb, wir0045

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Ideal for stitching and detailed beadwork, BEADSMITH is a microfused braided bead thread that provides maximum strength and flexibility for any bead stringing and bead weaving project.

It is made specifically for beading and provides extreme softness, flexibility, and near-zero stretch.

FireLine (made by Berkley, a leader in the fishing line industry) is 100% waterproof and is an excellent choice for seed beads.

Use Hard Beading Needles for smaller diameters and Collapsible Eye Needles for larger diameters. Also excellent for use on diamond beads - we suggest knotting for extra security.

Length: 125 yards
Size: 0.006
Break test: 6 lbs
Color: Smoke (black)

Made in USA

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