10 ALUMINUM SQUARE Metal Stamping Blanks 12.5mm, 20 gauge msb0165

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20 gauge aluminum metal

Size: 12.5mm x 12.5mm
Thickness: 0.8mm

Quantity: 10 stamping blanks

Flat blanks. They can be hammered, textured, inked, stamped, pierced ~ so many options!

The metal is great for stamping, soft enough for even an 8 oz. hammer.

Makes a nice deep and crisp impression when you use just about any stamp.

Aluminum is a soft metal. It stamps quite easily, but will also scratch easily. The blanks will need to be polished with a dremel or rotary polishing wheel to buff out the light scratches and smooth out the edges. Or throw them in your tumbler with steel shot and a couple of drops of white liquid ivory dish soap in distilled water.

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