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Natural Simbercite or Simbircite gemstone cabochons with a high polish.

This unusual and breathtaking stone is the agatized form of ammonite fossils. As the animal fossilizes over eons, the bones and skeleton fills in with pyrite, calcite, quartz, magnesium, aragonite, and other minerals. It has a natural rich honey color.
This is both a gemstone and a fossil.

Stone: Russian Simbercite
Grade: unknown
Shape: domed oval
Back: flat

Color: yellow/brown/tan (the color of rich honey)
Clarity: opaque
Inclusions: n/a

Size: 21mm x 14-15mm
Height: 10mm
Weight: unknown

Origin: Russian city of Simbirsk (now Ulianovsk)

Quantity: 1 cabochon

Each gemstone is unique and one of a kind.

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