1 large DRUZY rock crystal bead, geode . in white quartz matrix, gdz0100

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Imagine an ice-crystal cave and the blinding sparkling beauty you would experience -- that's how these make me feel!

I hand-picked these lovelies myself -- out of 100 strands, I chose the 5 most stunning strands I've ever seen!

The crystals formed inside rock geode nodules, much like the open space inside a coconut or cantaloupe. The nodule is cut apart, and the pieces are irregularly cut, faceted and polished on the outside to bring out the beauty of the solid matrix. 

The bead is left in it's natural crystallized glory on the front. Each bead has sparkling druzy crystals that have been carefully preserved, and the natural inclusions have been left intact to add to the beauty!

Size: varies, about 35-40mm long (1.5-1.75") x 25-29mm wide
Drilled: end to end

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