Hobby turned Obsession turned Business Idea

It started with cabin fever.

I decided to spend some time being a stay-at-home mom to my two kids, Riley and Darby. Being a little on the restless side, sitting at home day-in and day-out waiting for the kids to get out of school began to drive me batty. My hubby, David, suggested I pick up a hobby. In retrospect, he probably regrets that suggestion!

So I headed to my friend’s local craft shop where I begged her to teach me how to turn the colorful beads into beautiful, jeweled creations. $10,000 on a credit card later (yes, might be a smidge obsessive/compulsive), my house ran rampant with stones, pearls, and findings. The aforementioned accountant-of-a-husband insisted that I “get rid of some of these $*%!@ beads.”

Thus, Smart Parts Crafts was born.

The shop started in the garage. The orders grew. The inventory blossomed. Beads were all over the house! Before long, we overflowed the garage.

So, in 2012 Smart Parts Crafts moved to a sweet little warehouse in Colleyville, TX, with pretty colorful walls, a ton of creative energy, a rockin’ teaching studio, and a lot of laughter that probably annoys the neighbors. ?

Then a curious thing happened -- April 2018 we again ran out of space for the burgeoning supply of the latest and greatest crafty doo-dads. So we bought a 50-year-old Hallmark warehouse in Hurst TX and hauled all our bright shiny things here. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting changes coming with this new location!

And this is where the magic happens, where orders ship daily to crafters around the world.


Teri Dodson, CGL (crazy gemstone lady!)
Smart Parts Crafts