So you’ve started your own business. You’ve gotten good at your designs, figured out how to price your finished products, and know how to chat with customers. Congratulations!

Now you just have to figure out where to put your pieces.

One of the best places to get started is a craft fair! You’ve likely been before – each one is a little different, but usually you’ll see booths selling homemade jewelry, food, soaps, clothes, wood carvings, you name it. It’s often low cost to get started, and all you need is displays, a table, a way to take payments, and maybe a covering if it’s outdoors.

Now of course, you need to find them! So what’s the best ways to find craft fairs?

Facebook can be an invaluable tool for this. There are often local groups hosting craft fairs, talking about their own homemade businesses as well. This can be a great place to find both craft fairs and other local businesses to exchange ideas, boost each other, and make friends in the community.

On that same note – Instagram! Any other local businesses you follow will often post about the shows, or if there is one place that hosts shows frequently they will likely have their own profile as well. It’s a great way to judge how busy a show would be as well, or what kinds of vendors they already have signed up.

Talk to your city office! Most shows need to be run by them or have ads put in the local newspaper, so they are very up to date on where craft shows can be. Don’t just stop at your city either. A city 20 minutes away can increase your reach immensely.

Check in with your local schools as well! Many host craft fairs in their gymnasium (which also means it’s indoors) a couple times a year. Schools especially tend to have smaller entrance fees, which is beneficial when you’re first starting out.

Local newspapers often have sections about these! You may be able to pick one up at a local restaurant if you don’t currently have a subscription. Check the classified as well as browsing through the advertisements.

Finally, if you see an ad for a show coming up soon – on the street, on the radio, a TV ad on your local news, or Facebook – contact those running it! They may have more open spots, or they may be able to contact you next time they’re setting up a show.

Let us know what you do to find shows, or if any of these strategies work for you! We’d love to hear how they go 😊

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