Treat Yourself with the Gift of Creativity

Everyone has those projects that have either been sitting on the back burner for months (years) or that you've always wanted to start but haven't done yet. It's going to be amazing once you're done, but you just can't get it started.


Almost always the problem is of TIME. Nobody - myself included - seems to have enough these days! There's always something to do, from picking up the kids to cooking dinner, going out with friends and continuing to avoid the laundry. We tell ourselves that one day we'll be able to string all those seed beads, sew that dress, finish that resin pour.

I've heard some people tell me "Oh, when I'm retired I'll have time!" when retirement is years and years away!

It's easy to find excuses to not get things done. Heaven knows I do! (Example A: my laundry pile.) But we have to MAKE time. Find the reasons you're not giving yourself the gift of creativity.
You don't have enough time? Could you schedule the kids for a sleepover with their friends, tell your friends you need a night in, or ask your spouse to do more of the chores for a bit?

Do you need more space to work? Your dining room table can be taken over for a bit, or you can try out our crafting space or one of the other local maker spaces. Even a friend probably has a table or room they'll let you borrow for a week!

Are the materials too expensive? Take a look at your budget, see what you can cut out. Maybe you skip the morning caffeine, or eating out, or that new dress.

It's not easy. There will always be situations where you just can't do whatever you want to right now. But you can work towards it. Chase after what you want to do, invest in your passions, and you'll always be the happier for it.

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