Caroline-perez-headshotWho are you?
I am Caroline Perez, single mother to Cora (4) and born and raised in Dallas, Texas but currently live in McKinney, Texas.

How did you get into aromatherapy jewelry?
I started using essential oils for health purposes and fell in love with them. We needed a solution to keeping these amazing oils with us wherever we go so jewelry was a good fit. There were other lil crafty companies out there trying this method but there was nothing out there with style. So I decided to create my own, unique line and we have progressed far from there!

Do you have a favorite essential oil you use for your personal pieces?
Oh yes, Lavender is my go to. It relaxes me, soothes me and reminds me of some of my best childhood days.

Why did you choose to start your own business?
I have always been a motivated person. But I have been through many hardships in life. I decided to use those hardships for the positive and in return, I have built something pretty cool. I have confidence now that I haven’t had before. I wanted to be at home with my daughter (1 at the time) and wanted to create something that gave me joy through creativity.


What failures have you experienced as a small business owner? How did you or your business evolve from those failures?
OH EVERYTHING. It’s a disappointment a lot- because things go wrong and mostly things you cannot control. BUT it’s ALL ABOUT HOW you handle those disappointments that really count. If you take every single issue as a lesson and truly do not let it negatively affect you, you will be much more successful over time.


What do you do when you have an artistic roadblock?
I either travel, do something adventurous or workout. I am very athletic and I find that when I am active- I am at my happiest. When I am at my happiest, I am my most creative.


Where do you sell your products?
We sell online at, we are currently in 155 retail stores in 7 countries now, we have 50 Ambassadors in 4 countries and use social media as a big way to market.
Instagram: @aromacouturejewelry
Pinterest: @aromacouturetx
Twitter: @aromacouturetx